Friday, January 24, 2014

Frankie's Magic Football - Frankie and the Mummy's Menace set for a February 6th release from Frank Lampard and Little, Brown

Frankie's Magic Football - Frankie and the Mummy's Menace

Written by Frank Lampard

Illustrated by Mike Jackson

Published by Little, Brown

Frank Lampard's engaging and footie-tastic "Frankie's Magic Football" series rolls onto the pitch once again as "Frankie's Magic Football - Frankie and the Mummy's Menace" by Frank Lampard and Mike Jackson touches down on February 6th.

This time, Frankie and his team touch down in ancient Egypt for a real challenge -

We've previously taken a look at Frankie and the Pirate Pillagers, and Frankie and the Cowboy Crew (but somehow seem to have missed out on Frankie and the Rowdy Romans!)

The "Frankie" series is fantastic for engaging reluctant readers, they're nice and easy to read and full of engaging characters as we follow Frankie and his friends through history, facing off against different football teams who will test his skills to the limit.

Catch up with Frankie's latest adventure on 6th February 2014.

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