Thursday, 9 January 2020

Out Today! "Unlocking the Universe" by Stephen and Lucy Hawking (Puffin Books)

It's a little-known fact that the late Professor Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy Hawking wrote a series of fantastic children's books with an inquisitive character named George delving into the mysteries of science, time and space.

We're also delighted to find that "Unlocking the Universe" by Stephen and Lucy is finally finding its way into print in a new hardbacked edition from Puffin, out today and absolutely crammed with astonishing information about our humble planet, and the Universe beyond.

Perfectly pitched at inquisitive kids who love science, the book engages their curiosity, posing big questions such as "What would it have been like to walk on our ancient earth, four and a half billion years ago?" (the answer, quite hot as it was almost a fluid lava-filled landscape with very little life to speak of). 

How would you cope if robots took over the world and enslaved humanity? 

What does it really feel like to walk on the surface of the moon?

Following perfectly on from the "George" books and pulling all the non-fiction elements of those stories together in one volume, this is a brilliantly presented and quite weighty tome that's absolutely spot on for kids like my daughter, who see science as magic and want to know more about our world and the cosmos. 

The effects of global warming on our planet are examined in great detail here

The book has been updated with tons of new content covering global warming, conspiracy theories, the rise of artificial intelligence and tons more. 

If you've got book tokens hanging around from Christmas, this might be the perfect non-fiction title to kick off 2020 with. 

Sum this book up in a sentence: A glorious scientific gaze at our world, and the universe beyond in a fact-filled volume that will keep curious kids occupied for ages. 

"Unlocking the Universe" by Professor Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking is out today, published by Puffin (kindly supplied for review).