Tuesday, 31 March 2020

"Bug Belly: Babysitting Trouble" by Paul Morton (Five Quills)

Here's a right ribbeting (hah) read that's perfect for little ones who love reading on their own, want to begin reading more wordy books, but also still love loads and loads of awesome illustrations in their books.

The hugely fun "Bug Belly: Babysitting Trouble" by Paul Morton sees the titular froggy on babysitting duty.

The only trouble is that he's babysitting for the taddies, wriggly slippery tadpoles who just love getting into trouble - and can't wait to try out their uncle's cool water slides, death-defying dragonfly drops and fancy frogball games.

But soon Bug Belly hears a rumbling from his tummy. He's absolutely starving, but what can he do with all his tiny new charges if he nips off for something to eat. As Bug Belly launches himself off his slide to find a tasty worm snack, he accidentally floods the pond!

It's now a race against time for Bug Belly as he has to make sure all his wriggly little pals are safe. Luckily he's a frog with brains, and he's got a foolproof plan to make sure all his nieces and nephews are safe from the snapping beak of Heron, and the gnashing jaws of Old Pike.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A bouncy fun read that's perfect for new solo readers, with a cast of hilarious and engaging characters sure to win any tiny tots over.

"Bug Belly: Babysitting Trouble" by Paul Morton is out on 1st April 2020, published by Five Quills (kindly supplied for review).