Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Best Book in the World by Rilla Alexander (Flying Eye Books)

The Best Book in the World

Written and Illustrated by
Rilla Alexander

Published by Flying Eye Books

It's a bold claim to make - when you release a book splashed with a title like "The Best Book in the World" and then you add to that bold claim by emblazoning your cover with a gold "#1" Rosette.

We'll let Rilla Alexander off though, her book is an absolute corker as you'd expect from Flying Eye Books. Mainly because it celebrates the very thing it is - brilliant books and wonderful stories.

Charlotte kept disappearing off with this one - The book reads like a visual journey through the sort of story types we love. Rilla's bold and contrasting illustrations flow beautifully with the words, and though the word count is sparse, this just adds to the book's almost universal appeal. Great for parents to read to their very tiny ones (and we do love a nice big book you can stretch out on the floor with). Great also for children of Charlotte's age, who can read on their own and wrap themselves up in a book that (in our case at least) preaches to the converted. Books are brill, and this book really is fantastic. Best book in the world though? We'll leave that for you to discover yourself!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte loves the very last page, simply because it is something we do a lot when we love a book (again we can't spoil it for you but yep, you'll love it if you love books!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Really eye-catching, and a great read. Another smasher from Flying Eye

(Kindly sent to us for review by Flying Eye Books)