Friday 14 January 2011

Archie hates pink

Archie doesn't have anything against the outrageous singer of the same name. Nope, Archie really does not like the colour pink. Pink is the colour of nasty medicine, itchy flea powder and scratchy brushes so when Archie's owner paints her whole house pink, Archie leaves home and vows never to return. 

Along the way, Archie is taken under the wing of a mysterious cat named Max, and learns that pink isn't necessarily such a horrible colour after all. 

A cute and colourful tale underpinned by beautifully painted illustrations. Perhaps after reading this book you'll feel a little better about being in the pink too.

Charlotte's best bit: Archie eating prawns

Daddy's favourite bit: Delilah's Archie drawings as she pines for her cat

Rating: 3 out of 5