Tuesday 29 March 2011

Harry by the Sea (revisited)

As you've probably noticed, we've already taken a look at Harry by the Sea (and the rest of the excellent Harry books) previously on this blog. From time to time, Charlotte inevitably picks out books she's had before from the library, and it would've taken a better will and a stronger grip to wrestle this one out of her hands while we were checking out our other books this week 

This timeless tale of Harry the dog (which was first published back in the early 60s) sees the mischievous pup enjoying a day at the beach with his family. Harry being Harry, it's not long before he gets into trouble and causes uproar. 

I loved these books as a kid, and it's easy to see why Charlotte also loves them. The bold illustrations bring out Harry's character perfectly, and the story jogs along at a nice pace. It's a bit of a shame that Red Fox only republish 3 of the Harry books (and not the absolutely hilarious "Harry and the lady next door") but hopefully these books will sell in sufficient numbers for Red Fox to secure publishing rights to the rest. 

Charlotte's best bit: The whole thing but she particularly loves Harry the Seaweed Monster

Daddy's favourite bit: As before, Harry in the shade that a fat lady made...!

Rating: Still 5 out of 5, still awesome.