Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Grill Pan Eddy

Apologies for the rather thin-on-the-ground reviews of late, but our local library has been a hive of activity. Last week's foraging session for books had us coming up empty handed because we could barely get in the door of the place. Note to self: Try and get to the Library before 11.00 or suffer the consequences of the place being packed out by song-groupers!

I'm still catching up with the reviews from last week though, so here's Grill Pan Eddy, a nicely rhyming sing-song tale about a rather naughty mouse who moves into a family's home and trip-traps through their larder, their lounge and their food supplies with reckless abandon. 
The family try all sorts of ways to rid themselves of this pestilential rodent, but Grill Pan Eddy merely thumbs his nose at them, sings a little song and serves himself up some dinner from their table. 

Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross have produced some excellent titles together and this is no exception. Ross's illustrations are jolly and wibbly, and Willis' rhyming text is fun. 
Oddly enough we ended up with two mousey books last week so stay tuned for "EEK! Mouse!", a very similar tale. 

Charlotte's best bit: The rat-catcher's dog (who could only catch fleas)
Daddy's favourite bit: Grill Pan Eddy leaving little trails of poo. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

(PS I'm canning the affiliate links at the bottom of reviews as no one's clicking on 'em. If you do feel like picking up books, please use the Amazon link to the right, thanks!)