Friday 27 May 2011

I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur

We're big fans of these rather cute and beautifully put together Barefoot Books. Stella Blackstone and Clare Beaton's combination of rhyming couplets and superbly detailed sewn felt pictures compliment each other perfectly. 

In this tale of a youngster dreaming all about dinosaurs, the story gently takes us through various dinosaur 'breeds' and their jolly japes. Dappy about a Diplodicus? Partial to a Pterodactyl? Then there's plenty to see in this book, and let's face it, what kid of any age doesn't love Dinosaurs (except, as Charlotte points out, the robot dinosaur at the Natural History Museum in London - Far too scary!)

Charlotte's best bit: The Terrible T-Rex

Daddy's favourite bit: The superb sewn-felt pictures

Rating: 4 out of 5