Thursday 8 September 2011

Small Potatoes - The Album

A while ago, I remember making a comment on a CBeebies interview with Josh Selig, the creative brain behind Little Airplane Productions and CBeebies hits "3rd and Bird" & "Small Potatoes" that it was a shame the soundtracks for both shows weren't available. 

Lo and behold, what dropped through my letterbox the other day? The Small Potatoes album - and it's been riveted into Charlotte's CD player ever since. 

Available for preorder now on iTunes for £1.79 (£5.99 later)  and released on the 13th September 2011, the album has 12 tracks taken from the hit show. 

Oddly, the 'Small Potatoes' theme tune isn't here. Probably because it's fairly short, but it would've been a neat addition in my opinion. What you do get though are recognisable songs such as 'Imagination' and 'This is my Family', which are great little singalong songs. 

The talented spuds, Ruby (the Diva), Nate (the artist), Olaf (the caretaker) and Chip (the cheeky little scamp and the smallest potato of all) sing their hearts out and if you're familiar with the show you'll know to expect tuneful child-friendly stuff (that will drive most parents quietly mad if this is demanded on long car journeys). 

The best way to describe the album is "short and sweet" but hopefully it'll sell well enough to prompt another volume, or even a full '3rd and Bird' album from the same folk. 

A must-have for fans of the show (and there are a lot of you out there judging by how high up the 'favourites' list episodes of "Small Potatoes" feature on the BBC's iPlayer) so get those preorders in to snap up a bargain. 

Charlotte's best bit: I Just Want to be Me

Daddy's favourite bit: Small Potatoes Mash Up

Rating: 4 out of 5

(This item was sent to us for review)