Thursday 26 January 2012

Goodnight, Baby Bat

Bats aren't exactly the first creatures you imagine when you think "cute and cuddly" but this snuggly bedtime story from Debi Gliori might just change your mind. Going through bedtime hell at the moment (another one of those things that seem to happen just as your child turns 4) so we identified with the simple story of a mummy bat trying to get her fidgety fusspot child to sleep.

With lift-the-flap pages and some quite spooky illustrations, Goodnight Baby Bat is one of those books that will have mummy or daddy yawning along with their children.

Lovely, quirky and original, just the way we like 'em at ReadItDaddy

Charlotte's best bit: Tucking Mr Snail up in his shell for the night

Daddy's favourite bit: Saying "Close your eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes" to Mr Spider.

Rating: 4 out of 5