Monday, 18 February 2013

Spotlight on Hazel Nutt and "The Secret Life of Squirrels" trilogy

It's something we've always wondered. What DO squirrels get up to when we're not looking? One minute they're innocently scrabbling around on the ground for lost acorns or missing cobnuts, the next minute you turn around and they're gone.

One little toddler knows the secret, one Hazel Nutt who is the tiny genius behind a trilogy of excellent little books (helped by her mummy and daddy of course).

Hazel knows that squirrels are very mischievous and also extremely clever.

We find out just how clever in the first book "What Squirrels Do When You're Not Looking"

If you happen to see a swing swinging when there's no breeze, or a strange slidey bald patch in a treetop, you might not give it a second glance - but Hazel knows what's been going on and you can almost guarantee that the squirrels have been around and about, playfully teasing us behind our backs.

With rhyming verse and a hilarious look at how squirrels are extremely good at pulling the wool over our eyes, "What Squirrels Do When You're Not Looking" is available via CreateSpace and Amazon.

Did you also know that Squirrels have their own Olympic Games?
Hazel knows, and in "What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics" you'll find out how our furry little friends limber up for their own sporting extravaganza. We all know squirrels are fantastic at running and jumping, but I bet you didn't know that they can also limbo under the lowest twigs, or walk precariously between washing poles treading a perilous tightrope. Funny and action packed, it's great to see our squirrely friends taking part in challenging events around the garden and trees.

Here's a link to "What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics" on Amazon and CreateSpace

Last but by no means least, Hazel shows us behind the squirrely curtain one more time to take a look at "What Squirrels Do: Just For Fun". When our back is turned, and ever so quick, Squirrels are always ready with a cheeky little trick (hey that rhymed!)

Cheering each other on with flower pom-poms while being chased by dogs and cats. Pulling cheeky faces at us (which we'll never see because squirrels are just too quick for us to catch them in the act!)

"What Squirrels Do: Just For Fun" can be purchased at CreateSpace and Amazon

Charlotte really loved reading the adventures of Hazel Nutt and it have given her a whole new way to look at the many Squirrels who live in our locale, and scurry around on the rooftops early in the morning. We know they're not being noisy pests, we now know (thanks to Hazel) that they're up to all sorts of fun activities and anyone who loves nature and animals will definitely find this lovely little collection of stories amusing and fun.

Charlotte's best bit: The squirrel tightrope act in "The Squirrel Olympics"

Daddy's favourite bit: Great engaging artwork, and a whole ton of fun. Fab stuff Hazel, can't wait for more!

(Kindly sent to us for review by the fabulous Hazel Nutt herself!)

The talented Squirrel Whisperer herself!