Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stick! By Andy Pritchett (Walker Books)

The bold stand-out cover of this book attracted Charlotte on our recent library trawl. Stick! is really suitable for younger readers but for Charlotte, taking her first faltering steps into self reading, it was a nice easy book to work through. Each beautiful double page illustration comes with a simple word or two as we follow a dog's adventures meeting lots of interesting characters as he chases his stick through the book.

Andy Pritchett's art style is colourful and great for little peepers who will love the puppy and his enthusiasm for chasing his stick.

Friendship is the central theme here, who could possibly share puppy's happiness and laughter?

Only one way to find out, dive in!

Charlotte's best bit: Bird (who we thought was a bit stand-offish and grumpy. Silly worm eating thing!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A great way of building confidence in early readers who will breeze through this. Suitable for younger children but even a busy 5 year old can enjoy it.

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