Wednesday, 12 June 2013

We're still gaga about Babar the Elephant as he celebrates his 80th Anniversary! Help us find the original Babar fans!

Babar the Elephant in his oh so natty green suit, bow tie, spats and crown combo. A real fashion guru!
Wow, did you know Babar the Elephant is celebrating his 80th Anniversary this year? The hunt is on to help find original Babar fans. Have you grown up loving Babar's antics in book form? Do you remember the TV version (I do, just about!)

Have you passed on a love of Babar the Elephant (originally written by Jean De Brunhoff and translated into his first English Language book way back in 1933!) to your own children?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of those questions, time to get Tweeting @Babar_UK or drop into Facebook to celebrate the theme of '80 years of sharing' along with Babar's publishers Egmont Press.

12 million copies of the Babar books have been sold worldwide and the books have been translated into 17 languages. There are now 42 Babar books available. If you've never checked out this stylish Elephant's antics, then it's time you did!

Please join in if your parents or grandparents remember Babar and have any great stories or memories to share.