Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can I get an "Oo-ARR?" The new Sticker Pirate Dressing app from Usborne (Version tested: iPad)

Consider your timbers well and truly shivered, matey!
The digital versions of the awesome "Sticker Dolly Dressing" books are usually great for a bit of harmless dress-em-up fun. So with a fanatical girl pirate in the house, kicking her heels around on a bored Sunday afternoon we took a look at the Sticker Pirate Dressing app from Usborne.

As the app says, it's not for lily-livered types this. Charlotte was a little bit disappointed that there weren't any lady pirates to choose from (boo, hiss!) but once you've chosen your most dastardly looking cove, you can begin to dress him in pirate finery.

Everything you can possibly think of to clad a pirate in has been crammed into the app. Tricorn hats, eye patches, natty pistol belts and of course plenty of ragged stripey tops and trousers should ensure that you'll be ready to take to the seven seas.

That be old Ned McPew and his sidekick Mad Tom! Arrrr!
Different backgrounds and scenes can be chosen, and then you can polish off your pirate masterpieces with lots of accessories, skulls, cannons and of course the all important pirate booty.

As you'd expect from Usborne's app range, it's an absolute doddle to use, extremely intuitive and it won't break the bank either.

We'll be clamouring for an update with those girl pirates in it though. C'mon Usborne, make it happen!

Sticker Pirate Dressing (iTunes Link)

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