Wednesday 20 November 2013

Spotlight on Cardooo, an innovative range of literacy and numeracy led greetings cards for all occasions

"Puss in Boots" - A brilliant example of Cardooo's "Story Cards"
You definitely get an "ooo!" with Cardoo! When we were contacted by Cardooo who wanted to tell us all about their literacy and numeracy greetings cards, we leapt at the chance to take a look at their range. More than just greetings cards, Cardooo have a fabulous selection of cards for all occasions (including, of course, a really ace range of christmas cards).

We took a look at the fabulous "Puss in Boots" story card, which is ideal for a girl or boy birthday. Inside the card as well as the usual greeting, you'll find a story for children to read (or in my case, for a daft dad to read out in a variety of silly voices). Combining great potted stories with fabulous illustrations and sneaking in a learning opportunity where you definitely wouldn't expect one, to children Cardooo cards aren't stale and educational, they're fun and story-filled. 

It's great to find a group of folk who are passionate about what they do, and produce a brilliant and innovative range of products like: 

  • Activity Cards - Cards with stories, games quizzes and activities inside
  • Sticker cards - As you'd expect, a ton of brilliant stickers to stick all over your card - with an 8 page booklet and 3 sheets of stickers in each
  • Z Cards - Fabulous panoramic Z-Cards that fold out and contain stickers for decoration
  • Doodle cards - My favourites, cards to scribble and create on
  • Advent Calendar Christmas Cards - Count down to christmas and get a big surprise on Christmas Eve
  • Journey Buddies - Perfect for a spot of travelling with stickers, quizzes, comics and stories (and a set of colouring pencils too! Fab!)
As you can see, it's quite a range but stop by the website for more cards and ideas including a range of Doctor Who cards, perfect for celebrating the show's 50th birthday with!

Cardooo''s "The Night Before Christmas" card. Fabulous stuff!

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