Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Baby Animals Sticker Activities by Jonathan Litton and Matthew Isherwood (Little Tiger Press)

Baby Animals Sticker Activities

Written by Jonathan Litton

Illustrated by Matthew Isherwood

Published by Little Tiger Press

For some (well, Charlotte!) the end of term is a magical time, and with three weeks of holiday ahead to look forward to, lots of time to play! For me, it's a bit of a sad time because we usually work while Charlotte spends time with grandparents or in kid's club.

When we are off though, it's awesome to dig into a sticker and activity book, get our art on and do something artsy and crafty. Little Tiger's range of "My First Sticker Book" titles is a great place to start when your little ones are just beginning to draw, or if they're older, honing their craft a little.

This colourful "Baby Animals Sticker Activities" book is full of gorgeous full colour cute photos of baby animals (aww!), a metric ton of stickers (Yay!) and lots of puzzles and scribbling activities to stimulate young minds. It's a really nice quality book that should stand up to the rigours of being tucked into an overnight bag for sleepovers at Grandma and Grandad's house, or if your children aren't prone to car sickness, a bit of fun on the go (We unfortunately lost a well-loved activity book to a backseat rainbow-parking incident so we don't tend to let Charlotte use books like this in the car any more, woes!)

You can check out Little Tiger's fabulous sticker range on the Little Tiger website.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning what to feed a hungry baby goat (they eat anything you know!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: A really nice quality title from an engaging range, suitable for ages 3 and up

(Very kindly sent to us by Little Tiger Press)