Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pudsey the Dog: The Movie: The Book! is coming soon from L & B Kids

He's a major superstar, he blitzed Britain's Got Talent with his owner Ashleigh, he loves sausages and he's about to muscle in on Lassie by starring in his own movie?

Who on earth are we talking about? Why, Pudsey of course, the Border Bichon Frise cross who has already graced our TVs, and is about to hit the silver screen for the first time.

We were fortunate enough to take a look at Pudsey's new book that's releasing along with the movie, a novelisation of Pudsey's first big screen adventure that sees Pudsey moving to the country and using all his skills to cope with country life. Fighting off unscrupulous land developers, and scoffing as many venison sausages as he can snaffle along the way, it's going to win over any fans of this talented pooch.

"Pudsey the Dog: The Movie" book is out in paperback, from L & B on June 5th 2014. Reserve your copy now!