Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Deadliest Animals on Earth by Erika L. Shores (Raintree)

Deadliest Animals on Earth

Written by Erika L. Shores

Published by Raintree

With a title like this, Charlotte could not resist "Deadliest Animals on Earth" when she popped along to the library with Mummy the other day. The lure of learning about dangerous animals, their habitats and their most deadly attributes is almost as intoxicating as the venom of a Gila Monster!

This book obviously takes its cues from children's wildlife programmes like "Deadly 50" starring mummy blogger pin-up Steve Backshall. The book breaks you in gently by telling you about some of the slightly less lethal species, which will only paralyse you. Before long though, you'll find out that the humble but dangerous Hippopotamus kills more people in Africa than Lions or Elephants combined, or that the venom of a Komodo Dragon will stop your blood from clotting, making you bleed to death after a single bite. Ew!

We are quite thankful none of this lot live in Wales (our chosen holiday destination this year)

Charlotte's best bit: The rather gory and gruesome double spread of the Komodo Dragon doing its disgusting thing. Ew, not while we're eating tea thank you Charlotte!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Packed with gruesome facts and figures, with attractive (if somewhat gory) colour photos, this is definitely one for your own deadly little mite!