Thursday, 23 April 2015

Where will I go? (When I grow Up) by Richard Sinclair and Jon Lycett-Smith (Digital Leaf)

Where will I go? (When I grow up)

Written by Richard Sinclair

Illustrated by Jon Lycett-Smith

Published by Digital Leaf

A pocket-sized story book that sends us soaring on a voyage of imagination and discovery? How could we possibly resist. Arriving on our doorstep accompanied by an adorable collection of postcards with globetrotting themes comes a new book from Digital Leaf.

Author Richard Sinclair and Illustrator Jon Lycett-Smith have teamed up for this excellent story that will guide your children on a whistle-stop round-the-world tour as a boy and his dad visit their local museum, and take off on a flight of fancy dreaming about all the different countries they could visit together.

Some of the world's most exciting destinations are explored, starting right on our own home doorstep with a gorgeous glance at London and all the sights, stepping over the pond to the USA, South America, Australia, China and beyond.

Charlotte is always interested in any new books that arrive with geographical leanings, and this is an absolutely brilliant introduction to the world around us - and the stunning destinations we hope she'll one day visit when she grows up (or tagging along with us!)

Loud shouty voiceover fans are in for a particular treat with "Where will I go?" - A special set of audio resources accompanies the book, read by none other than the legendary King of the Hawkmen himself, Brian Blessed! Just be sure to keep the volume turned down a little in case you damage your little one's hearing!

Children are instantly drawn to books that can send them on a journey of imagination and discovery, and this is a particularly brilliant colourful and immersive example.

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte now wants to visit Japan. Endless sushi!!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A gorgeous little globetrotting title from Digital Leaf.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Digital Leaf)