Thursday 23 April 2015

Wildlife Jack - I Want to Fly! by Ed Kellie (National Trust Books / Pavilion)

Wildlife Jack - I Want to Fly!

Written and Illustrated by
Ed Kellie

Published by National Trust Books / Pavilion

We've been National Trust members as a family collective for a number of years now, and we spend part of nearly every weekend at National Trust properties in and around our area (and sometimes further afield!) My wife's excellent days-out and outdoorsy blog "Can I Walk, Mummy" chronicles our adventures so when we started to spot this rather attractive book in National Trust shops on our visits, we really wanted to find out more.

We were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to take a look at "Wildlife Jack - I Want to Fly!" by Ed Kellie, thanks to Pavilion / NT so we'll swoop, swoosh and dive on in!

Jack loves visiting his Grandpa and Grandpa, a bit of an adventurer himself, loves to show Jack his magic journal that's full of all the amazing adventures he's had. When Jack reads the journal with his grandpa, Jack is almost transported to the amazing places Grandpa mentions - and also gets to see all the incredible wildlife along the way.

This time Jack and Grandpa are learning all about the amazing bird life that can be found throughout the UK. From pigeons on your own doorstep if you live in the big city, to the geese and gulls, finches and robins that dwell in our greener landscapes.

Jack realises that above anything else, he wants to take to the skies with his new bird friends so with the help of a pair of wings, Jack attempts to soar!

He's going to need more help though, those tiny little wings of his won't get him anywhere!

As the story unfolds, the book gently introduces fascinating facts about our most beloved (and some of our most rare) bird species, giving children a fantastic insight into our rural and city bird life, and sharing with them a love of nature that will hopefully encourage them to get out into the countryside when they can like we do (or seek out green spaces in the city, even!)

A brilliant and colourful book based on the hit Wildlife Jack TV show currently airing on Disney Kids. We can't wait to see where Wildlife Jack's inquisitive nature takes him next!

Charlotte's best bit: Loving some of the facts and figures, like swifts being able to sleep while flying and ducks being able to sleep while afloat!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fabulous mix of story and non fiction destined to draw young readers into a whole world of nature discovery. Huge thumbs up from us!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Publishing)