Wednesday, 8 July 2015

No More Cuddles by Jane Chapman (Little Tiger Press)

No More Cuddles!

Written and Illustrated by
Jane Chapman

Published by Little Tiger Press

Who doesn't love cuddles? Well, actually Barry the Monster is getting a little tired of them (Barry is officially THE best name for a monster ever). Every time Barry steps out into the forest, his lovely cuddle-obsessed furry little friends all leap on Barry's soft luxurious fur for snuggles and warmth.

In "No More Cuddles" by Jane Chapman, we see Barry's various attempts to subvert his cute friends. A new cuddle-meister is needed. Porcupine's a bit spiky, skunk is a bit smelly - but Bear might well fit the bill as he has lovely soft velvety fur.

But still the animals flock to Barry, until he loses his balance and topples over into the stinkiest swamp along with all his little pals.

Who would want to cuddle a slime covered monster? Find out in Jane's fabulous cuddly snugglesome story with hoots of laughter guaranteed from your tiniest ones.

Charlotte's best bit: Cooing at being literally smothered in bunnies. This, to Charlotte, would be sheer bliss!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Funny and cute, Barry is a monster with a big heart!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)