Tuesday 28 July 2015

Pixelcraft Pets by Anna Bowles and Diego Vasberg (Studio Press)

A nifty crafty sticker book for pixel perfectionists? Make some stunning designs and pictures in the new "Pixelcraft" range from Studio Press. Just don't get square eyes...

Ooh now this gives me pangs of nostalgia. Back in the days when I used to have a ZX Spectrum, I rather fancied the idea that I could somehow bend Sinclair Basic to my iron will and make my own game. Sadly, I failed miserably but in the process I remember spending HOURS trying to draw tiny little 8-bit sprites on a tiny grid, trying to make them look like something vaguely recognisable.

Of course, kids today are also obsessed with pixel art (yay!) thanks to big block-rocking games such as Minecraft so here's a book from new imprint Studio Press that lets kids celebrate the art of the pixel in a low-tech but ultimately truly satisfying way.

First title in the range is "Pixelcraft Pets", compiled by Anna Bowles with artwork by Diego Vasberg. Across the book's colourful page spreads, kids will learn how to make fantastic images with tiny little coloured square stickers.

Choose your level of expertise right at the start of the book!

Charlotte, being a crafty type, couldn't wait to dig into this book and all those lovely stickers (which were sticky enough that we didn't end up finding odd coloured squares floating around the house or stuck on random bits of furniture). She tucked into this book with gusto and soon started work on some of the pet-based pieces therein...

Pick the perfect pet to pixelate!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before in many other sticker book reviews but the silence, the blissful silence of concentration and crafting that follows once children engage with this book is worth its weight in gold (let alone the very reasonable cover price for this book!)

Who needs front teeth when you've got pixel skills like this?

We're hoping to see more in the Pixelcraft range (definitely a ton of scope there for many more titles with fantastic themes!) Right at the start of the long, uber long school holidays this is exactly the sort of book that will tear your kids away from the screens for a while, and get them into something more satisfying.

Charlotte's best bit: Guinea Pig? Need I say more!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fabulous low-tech but highly satisfying sticker activity book series, dive in and pixelate your life!

Pixelcraft Pets

Written by Anna Bowles

Illustrated by Diego Vasberg

Published by Studio Press

Release Date: 1st July 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Studio Press)