Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Whopper by Rebecca Ashdown (Templar Publishing)

There's no harm in telling the odd little fib is there? Think again, because in Rebecca Ashdown's stunning debut for Templar Publishing, one particular "Whopper" takes on a rather unexpected form.

In "The Whopper" young Percy groans inwardly as Grandma comes to stay. She's been knitting again you see, but where Percy's brother has a wonderful piece of knitwear that fits perfectly, Percy's jumper is a little on the large side (Put it this way, you could've used it in place of a tent at Glastonbury this year).

Percy comes up with a plan though - he takes his pet pooch out - wearing his new jumper - and along with his brother they have a whale of a time running around, jumping in muddy puddles, clambering through brambles and getting up to all the sorts of mischief that young boys love to get up to.

Alas, the jumper doesn't last long - and Percy rather shamefacedly ditches it in the nearest bin. But what will mum and Grandma say when Percy comes home jumper-less?

He tells a little white lie about the fate of the knitwear but before he can confess, his lie becomes a physical form - The Whopper to be precise, a rather obnoxious bright blue monster that follows Percy around (and even squeezes him out of bed at night, the rotter!)

"The Whopper" isn't much fun at all, and as Percy's little white lie carries on, The Whopper becomes bigger and bigger and bigger until it ravenously wolfs Percy down for breakfast, then threatens to eat Percy's brother!!

What on earth can Percy do to rid himself of this terrible creature? Perhaps it's time to tell....THE TRUTH!

This is a brilliantly original and entertaining story, where the monster is the sort of monster we love to see in stories. He's not cuddly, he's pretty much a revoltingly impolite monster who thinks nothing of scoffing little children (though he does so with a huge soppy whopper of a grin on his face). A very important moral lesson delivered with aplomb, we have a feeling this book is going to be a whopper itself!!

Charlotte's best bit: When the monster unceremoniously scoffs Percy. Eeeeeeek!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Tales of morality are hard to get right without them sounding preachy but Rebecca does a wonderful job in this fantastic, colourful and entertaining story!

"The Whopper"

Written and Illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown

Published by Templar Publishing

Release Date: 1st July 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)