Monday, 13 July 2015

What a Naughty Bird by Sean Taylor and Dan Widdowson (Templar Publishing)

If there's one thing birds are REALLY good at, it's pooping on things! Anyone who has spent the weekend chiselling pigeon poo off their lovely shiny paintwork on their car will attest to this. If you've ever suspected that birds do this on purpose, waiting until you've polished your motor to a high sheen then this book may well be for you!

"What a Naughty Bird!" by Sean Taylor and Dan Widdowson features a mischievous feathered terror who is an expert at hitting the spot with a well timed well aimed plop or two. This bird isn't interested in inanimate objects that can't express their outrage, he loves pooping on other animals! He'll drop his cargo on a crocodile, take a dump on a dromedary and poop all over people!

Is that really wise? Dropping your doo-doo on a raging bull?

Little ones will, by now, be in fits of laughter as this naughty NAUGHTY bird continues his japes and antics, retiring safely to his nest high up in the treetops to have a good laugh about his daily escapades. But when the bird chooses one victim in particular, he may well have met his match!

He's just SO NAUGHTY! Scoping out targets at the water hole...

It's a giggle a minute, and even highbrow folk such as us can't resist the charms of such a naughty character who gets away with his filthy crimes (but gets his just desserts in a rather amusing way!)

Charlotte's best bit: The sheer outrage on the face of the angry bull, who ends up wearing a rather squishy new 'hat'

Daddy's Favourite bit: We can't resist a really naughty character like the doo-doo bird. He's just bad to the bone!

What a Naughty Bird!

Written by Sean Taylor

Illustrated by Dan Widdowson

Published by Templar Publishing

Release Date: 1st August 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

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