Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pocket-sized but packed to the gills, meet Pavilion Books' new "Cool" book range"Cool

Here's a fantastic new book range that is diminutive in size but filled to the brim with fascinating facts on a range of subjects. Pavilion's new "Cool" range is excellent!

We took a look at two books in Pavilion's range, "Cool Architecture" by Simon Armstrong and "Cool Philosophy" by Daniel Tatarsky.

Reminiscent of the brilliant "Observers Book of" series I remember from childhood, the "Cool" range is instantly engaging and impressive stuff. We started off with "Cool Architecture" which introduces children to the fascinating world of buildings old and new, taking a look at Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman architecture and the groundbreaking techniques and technology both ancient civilisations used to build some of the most amazing structures, some of which are still around today.

As you can see from the fabulous cover, each section is fully illustrated with tons of fun drawings and infographics so that kids can quickly get up to speed with the various terms used in architectural design and implementation (for instance, did you know where the term "Blueprint" stemmed from? You'll find out in this book!)

Architectural styles from Gothic to Art Deco through Brutalism and Post Modernism are all explored and children will love using the book "out in the field" as they explore their own home town looking for architectural features and clues on the buildings they pass every day.

It's absolutely fantastic but there's more...

"Cool Philosophy" by Daniel Tatarsky (Pavilion Children's Books)
Imagine trying to tackle a subject like philosophy in a fun and kid-friendly way, in a book you could slip into your pocket? "Cool Philosophy" by Daniel Tatarsky is utterly stunning and was definitely our favourite of the two books (though both are brilliant). Children are introduced to philosophy, and new ways of thinking about everything from the world around them to exploring their own feelings, fears and how they relate to others. Again, examining the rich history of philosophical debate and the key figures of history who left their mark on the world with their own philosophical theories and debates, we'll learn about Jung, Nietzsche and Plato with a ton of brilliant illustrations and exercises that children can try themselves.

This book really sparked some amazing conversations (particularly about the "Tram Theory" - a philosophical exercise exploring moral and humanitarian decision-making, no small potatoes for a dumb dad and an inquisitive 7 year old!)

Fascinatingly written, this is amazing stuff!

Check out the rest of the "Cool" range on Pavilion's website.

Charlotte's favourite bit: "The Tram Theory" - Deciding whether the death of one person to save 5 people can be warranted. Eeks!

Daddy's favourite bit: Both books may be small in size but they're absolutely crammed with amazing facts presented in a really (dare we say) "Cool" way. Children's Non-Fiction really is having one heck of a brilliant year!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Books)

"Cool Philosophy" and "Cool Architecture"

Written by Daniel Tatarsky and Simon Armstrong

Published by Pavilion Children's Books

Release Date: 6th August 2015

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