Wednesday, 21 October 2015

As Quiet as a Mouse by Karen Owen and Evgenia Golubeva (Maverick Books)

Here's a rather splendid tale about an adorable little elephant who has a bit of a 'volume' problem. "As Quiet as a Mouse" by Karen Owen and Evgenia Golubeva...
At times, back home at ReadItDaddy Towers, it's easy to imagine that the individual crashing around upstairs, sounding for all the world like not just one elephant but a whole HERD of elephants isn't in fact just a 7 year old girl who isn't quite as fleet of foot as you'd imagine.

When a young elephant's mum points out a similar situation to him, he vows that he's going to try and change his ways - and perhaps with the aid of a pint-sized new chum he might just achieve his goal.

"As Quiet as a Mouse" shows that once again Maverick has an eye for publishing some really brilliant books for little ones, from a huge pool of extremely talented new picture book folk. Karen and Evgenia have put together a perfect bedtime read!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Young elephant desperately trying to stay as quiet as possible (but failing miserably!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A lovely book to snuggle down to for a bit of peace and quiet!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Maverick Books)

"As Quiet as a Mouse"

Written by Karen Owen

Illustrated by Evgenia Golubeva

Published by Maverick Books

Publication Date: 28th September 2015