Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Not Without My Whale by Billy Coughlan and Villie Karabatzia (Maverick Books)

Another quirky and original story from Maverick Books, dip into the briny deep with Billy Coughlan and Villie Karabatzia's "Not Without My Whale"...
Do you ever remember wanting desperately to sneak your pet into your bag or pocket to take to school with you? A hamster? A gerbil? Maybe even a mouse but what if your pet was a great big stonkingly gigantic beaming blue whale?

That's the dilemma in this rather ticklishly fun tale from Billy Coughlan and Villie Karabatzia as a young boy can't bear to leave his beloved blue whale at home. He's big, a bit pongy, usually soaking wet but is the classroom really the best place for a whale? The boy's teacher thinks otherwise.

Thanks to a rather special friend who always sees fantastic ways to work around each situation, the whale soon becomes a valuable part of lessons - and let's face it, you're never going to get a better goalie in a football match than someone who covers the entire goal just by lying down!

Fun and original! Don't leave home without it (or your whale!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: Winning 37-0 in the footie match thanks to the awkward orca!

Daddy's favourite bit: A wonderful slice of fun from Billy and Villie!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Maverick Books)

"Not without my Whale"

Written by Billy Coughlan

Illustrated by Villie Karabatzia

Published by Maverick books

Publication Date: 28th September 2015