Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Princess Evie's Ponies - Tiptoe the Magic Ballet Pony by Sarah Kilbride and Sophie Tilley (Simon and Schuster Children's Books

More fun from Sarah Kilbride and Sophie Tilley as "Princess Evie's Ponies" reaches book 10 with a dazzling dance or two...
We love books that encourage children to engage their imaginations through creative play, and what better way than to combine a gorgeous story with a fab collectable set of your very own magical ponies!

"Princess Evie's Ponies" is a great little series from Sarah Kilbride and Sophie Tilley, and each book comes with a wonderful pop-out cardboard model of the star pony of the story, in this particular case Tiptoe the magic ballet pony who is deft and fleet of hoof. Sophie is learning ballet and may need a friend or two to help her overcome her stage fright for the upcoming ballet show. The empowering story shows how young Sophie calls on her friend (both human and magical) to help her dance with the sugar plum fairy, overcoming her own fears and worries.

The story is wonderfully written, and it proved a real hit with Charlotte who identifies wholly with Sophie, a young girl who loves life but also has the odd butterflies-in-tummy moment when things are a bit scary and daunting.

It's easy to see why this series is such a huge hit with girls. The stories are fab, the illustrations are glorious and it's a brilliant idea to have the collectable ponies inside (which look great displayed proudly on a shelf or windowsill or - as in Charlotte's case - played with alongside their other animal toys or dolls).

Charlotte's favourite bit: Lots of love for Tiptoe, the beautiful ballet pony herself.

Daddy's favourite bit: Very cleverly written stories help girls overcome their anxieties and fears with hugely positive messages full of fun and imagination. A great little series this.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

"Princess Evie's Ponies - Tiptoe the Magic Ballet Pony"

Written by Sarah Kilbride

Illustrated by Sophie Tilley

Published by Simon and Schuster Children's Books

Publication Date: 8th October 2015