Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Booky Advent Calendar Day 9 - "Is it Christmas Yet?" by Jane Chapman (Little Tiger Press)

Before December even arrives, the cry goes up at ReadItDaddy Towers as Charlotte's thoughts turn to making a list, checking it twice, trying to work out whether she's been naughty or nice..."Is It Christmas Yet?"
Jane Chapman's fab christmas story for teeny tinies has a big cuddly daddy bear character (hey, just like me!), and a rather cheeky and mischievous Ted (Yep, just like Charlotte) so how could we not love it to bits?

A festive and fun book as the bears begin to make their christmas preparations pretty much in the same way we do.

There's a tree to be decorated, delicious food to be prepared and of course once Christmas Eve arrives, there's a hyperactive youngster who is determined to stay awake to see Santa (before tired sleepy eyes finally close!)

Is it Christmas yet? Well you've only got 16 more sleeps to go!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Ted is SO cheeky, but adorable!

Daddy's favourite bit: I love how Jane perfectly captures Daddy Bear's rather exasperated expressions (a bit like looking in a mirror at times!) Love it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)

"Is It Christmas Yet?"

Written and Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Published by Little Tiger Press

Publication Date (Hardback): September 2015