Thursday 10 December 2015

"My Fashion Label: Design Your Own Collection" by Wendy Ward and Robyn Neild (Ivy Press)

We've seen quite a few fashion design books for children but this one really is something quite special. Let's tread the catwalks with "My Fashion Label: Design your Own collection" by Wendy Ward and Robyn Neild...
Charlotte is at the age where clothes start to become more important and long gone are the days when slapping on an Elsa T Shirt and a pair of leggings will 'do'.

We started to notice that she also loves drawing her own fashion designs so this book has been a timely arrival as it's absolutely crammed with fantastic tips on how to start designing your own collection.

"My Fashion Label" gives you valuable insights and tips on collecting together your own source ideas and materials to draw some inspiration from, as well as giving you plenty of templates and space to get you scribbling out ideas right into the book's pages. It's also just the right size to tote around in your bag in case inspiration crops up when you're out and about.

Fashions change almost by the minute - keep bang up to date with trends and designers in various ways
Each page spread divulges tons of information on the best ways to get organised, places to look for fantastic ideas and of course tons of ways to build up a fab online pin board with influences and swatches on it as well as more traditional ways to build up a great portfolio.

"Mood Boards" are a fantastic way of getting inspired so get collecting cutouts and images!
Everything from mood boards and pin boards, and of course the various technical and artistic ways you can improve your fashion drawings and sketches are included in this book. It's definitely more suitable for children slightly older than Charlotte (who at 7 years old is still getting to grips with the finer points of what clashes and what works) but it's a really brilliant resource packed to the gills with great exercises and ideas.

Useful drawing tips can really bring your ideas to life!
Fantastic stuff, and absolutely perfect for your budding Diors!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Loads of inspiration on how to collect together themes and ideas to build some great designs from

Daddy's favourite bit: Tons of brilliant art tips here, even for adults!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Ivy Press)

"My Fashion Label: Design your Own Collection"

Written by Wendy Ward

Illustrated by Robyn Neild

Published by Ivy Press

Publication Date: 4th August 2014