Friday, 18 December 2015

ReadItDaddy's Festive Book of the Week - Week Ending 18th December 2015 - "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Scholastic / Alison Green)

Yes yes, I know we've reviewed "Stick Man" many, many , MANY times before in our Booky Advent Calendars but he's about to make the leap from book to screen for the BBC's fabulous festive animated feature this year.
"Stick Man" is probably one of our favourite Julia Donaldson / Axel Scheffler books, and it's an absolutely perfect choice for a christmas story!

In this wintry tale we trace the adventures of a humble stick as he is taken further and further away from his family by a series of accidents and mishaps.

Stolen away by a dog, turned into a swan's nest, a snowman's arm, even a rather painful looking stint as a bow and arrow, poor Stick Man is determined to get back to his Stick Lady Love and his Stick Children Three.

Personally, I think Stick Man deserves some sort of children's book 'Dad of the year' award for being that rare and fine example of a dad in a children's story that's not doing something daft, or pigging down leftovers, or generally being a bit of an ass (excuse my language but I'm sure many dads who read this blog will know exactly what I mean).

It's quite amusing looking back on our other reviews of this fabulous book - mainly because I did actually wish for a TV adaptation back in 2012 - So now it's almost here, does it look any good?

Well, aside from Martin Freeman seemingly haunting me by playing nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE of my favourite literary characters (Arthur Dent, Bilbo Baggins, John Watson and now Stick Man himself), it looks utterly magical

As for the book? Well obviously we love the book far more...

Santa doing what Santa does best (with a little help from his new sticky friend!)
Santa and Stick Man prove to be an awesome team but you'll have to read the story yourself to see if Stick Man makes the journey home! Sublime festive stuff!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Stick Man's tiny and cute little stick children (and a great cameo in the book, take a closer look at that Christmas Tree!)

Daddy's favourite bit: As close to christmas perfection as it gets. How we love Stick Man, his Stick Lady Wife and Stick Children Three!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Scholastic / Alison Green Books)

"Stick Man"

Written by Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Published by Scholastic / Alison Green Books

Publication Date: 7th September 2009 (and reissued 2015)