Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A perfect pair of books to introduce young ones to art in "The Little Vermeer - Colour and Learn" and "The Little Egon Schiele" by Catherine De Duve (Happy Museum)

Two fabulous artists, two brilliant books and one fantastic range from Happy Museum. Catherine De Duve's fabulous "Little" art series...
We've previously covered Catherine's amazing art books on the blog and two new contenders have appeared in our in tray, courtesy of Happy Museum.

The first - "The Little Vermeer" introduces little ones to the glorious and glowing artwork of Johannes Vermeer, a dutch painter renowned for amazing and realistic portraits and scenes.

Children can learn all about his life and works and then get busy with their own paints and colouring pencils to add new life to black and white line versions of some of Vermeer's most famous paintings including "The Milk Maid" and the well known and fabulous "The Girl with a Pearl Earring". A marvellous introduction to a true master of art.

Along more modern and slightly more edgy lines, "The Little Egon Schiele" examines the life and works of Austro-Hungarian artist Egon Schiele, whose radical art style contributed to the "Expressionism" movement of the late 19th and early 20th Century. A protege of Gustav Klimt, Schiele's work is fantastic and being able to show children that art can take many forms and styles by contrasting these two books has been really interesting.

"The Little Vermeer - Colour and Learn" and "The Little Egon Schiele" are available now from Happy Museum Publishing and are a great addition to your home or classroom book case.