Monday 29 February 2016

The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field (Orchard Books)

We've had a few books recently tackling the subject of being small but brave - and it's a subject that really can stand up to being told and retold in a variety of different ways...
Children love to read books where a tiny protagonist gets the upper hand and in "The Lion Inside" we meet a minuscule mouse with some pretty big ideas.

Mouse is inspired one day by a creature who is bold, brave and with a mighty roar. Though no one ever takes notice of mouse as he scurries all over the tundra, everyone takes notice of Lion. The majestic king of the beasts holds court atop his craggy rocky outcrop home.

Mouse knows that Lion's roar is part of what makes him so impressive and vows to learn Lion's secret for himself. It's a long, dizzying and difficult climb. Will mouse learn how to roar like Lion or will he end up as a bite-sized snack instead? Perhaps there's one thing about Lion that no one knows, and might prove advantageous to a tiny little mouse.

Hi, I'm Lion, and I'm AMAZING! ROARRRR!
Hi, I'm mouse, and I'm tiny and squeaky (but check out my EARS!!)
We can never get enough of Jim Field's artwork and we love Rachel's glorious rhyming story as we find out just how brave this little mouse can be - and how even the bravest animals might not actually be all that they seem.

Full of gentle humour and a positive message of facing your fears, it's a brilliant book!

Charlotte's favourite bit: She was rather won over by tiny little mouse (who is, to be fair, utterly adorable!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A glorious positive message wrapped up in brilliant rhymes with gorgeous artwork to boot - there's a lot to love about this tale!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Orchard Books)

"The Lion Inside"

Written by Rachel Bright

Illustrated by Jim Field

Published by Orchard Books

Publication Date: 3rd September 2015