Monday, 14 March 2016

Join us on the fabulous "Poppy's Place" Blog Tour. Let's take a closer look at this fabulous new book from Katrina Charman and Lucy Truman (Stripes Publishing)

We have some very interesting conversations at home around books...
None more so than the conversation that erupted around the fabulous new book from Katrina Charman and Lucy Truman.

"Poppy's Place - The Home Made Cat Cafe" tells the story of 11 year old Isla Palmer who (like Charlotte) has wanted a cute little moggy as a pet since...well since forever!

Isla's mum is a vet and sees cats come and go every day, but has never once entertained the thought of playing host to one.

Isla finally manages to wear mum down, and she agrees that they can look after Poppy - an adorable cat from Mum's work - on a temporary basis. But as many parents will already know, once you've opened your door to one moggy it's almost impossible to close that door again, and soon Isla has an even more audacious idea that will allow her to cuddle as many cute kitties as she likes. Isla wants to set up her own cat cafe!

Charlotte practically ate this book whole, it was so well received but it did prompt an important question.

"Wait!" said Charlotte. "So is there really such a thing as a cat cafe?"

"Yep" I said. "Do you want to see one?"

One YouTube clip later, and the real life 'Poppy' had completely won Charlotte over. Not only does she now want to visit Japan and go to a real cat cafe, she has grand plans of setting one up in her own home town (er I'm not sure Mum's quite ready to cope with that business idea but hey, it could be worse, she also loves Iguanas as well as cats!)

Author Katrina Charman

"Poppy's Place" has enthralled Charlotte with gloriously funny storytelling, great illustrations and with a sequel following up in June ("Trouble at the Cat Cafe") it looks like we're going to be in moggy heaven this year thanks to Katrina and Lucy.

"Poppy's Place - The Home Made Cat Cafe" was released on March 10th 2016, published by Stripes Publishing. It's a cat-tastic story that will leave you feline fine! (I am SO sorry!)

Do NOT miss it - and please do visit the other stops on the tour listed below!