Thursday 3 March 2016

Skip to the Loo My Darling by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Anita Jeram (Walker Books)

"Rabbit wants his potty, what should rabbit do? Only one thing for it, SKIP TO THE LOO!"
Surely, as far as opening lines for a children's potty book go, it really couldn't get any better than that.

In Sally Lloyd-Jones and Anita Jeram's singsong rhyming story "Skill to the Loo My Darling" you'll find out just how all the animals get on with their business - and who knows, it might even convince your little potty-trainers to have a sit down and enjoy this bum-bouncing story while they do what they've gotta do!

Personally I love a book that practically trips off the tongue as you read it. Sally's rhymes are utterly butterly deliciously perfect as you read this fun book aloud. Whether you sit on the potty, squat on the loo or are still trundling around in nappies, you're sure to find loads of fun and hilarity in this story.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Communal poo time right at the end of the book. Lovely!

Daddy's favourite bit: A hilarious riotous romp of a potty book, and a huge amount of fun to read aloud. The illustrations are utterly wonderful too!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)

"Skip to the Loo my Darling"

Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Illustrated by Anita Jeram

Published by Walker Books

Publication Date: 3rd March 2016