Tuesday 8 March 2016

"Some Birds" by Matt Spink (Abrams Appleseed)

Wow, this is a colourful treat for your tiny little chicks. The gorgeously illustrated "Some Birds" by Matt Spink...
Oooh we do love a pretty book, and a pretty set of birds as well.

In Matt Spink's glorious "Some Birds" we'll meet birds big and small, short and tall, some are fast and some are slow!

This big format hardback is filled with the most beautiful eye-catching illustrations as lilting rhymes take you from page to page and a whole busy collection of different birds.

Destined to make your little ones giggle, specially if those birds tickle!

A hugely enjoyable, busy and gloriously colourful book indeed!

"Some Birds" by Matt Spink, out on 1st March from Abrams Appleseed.