Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tiger in a Tutu by Fabi Santiago (Orchard Books)

We do love a book where characters go crazy expressing themselves through dance. Move your body over this way and check out "Tiger in a Tutu" by Fabi Santiago...
Ah, Paris! The city of great art, fabulous culture, of romance and of course dance! Join us for a fun romp where the main character isn't a ballerina, but a fluffy and happy tiger called Max who just LOVES to pirouette and tip-toe with delicate grace.

But life isn't always easy when you're an animal more renowned for taking a bite out of a passing Zebra, or for roaring and scaring the living daylights out of everyone.

But when Max leaves the Zoo and starts to spin and jive through the streets of the vibrant city of Paris, most people run screaming the moment they see him. One little girl follows along, and has a great idea. Perhaps there's a better outlet for Tiger's glorious balletic skills than roaming the streets frightening passers-by.

Tiger and Celeste, the best of friends!
Though this story heavily reminded us of "Dogs Don't Do Ballet" we couldn't help falling completely in love with the Tiger in this tale. He's just so full of life, energy and joy and so passionate about ballet that as we follow his progress through the story, we're rooting for him at every turn!

Encore indeed! Max & Celeste spin and pirouette to the delight of the audience!
Of course we also loved Celeste, a brave little girl who wants to help her new furry friend achieve his dream of dancing on stage and receiving the adulation of the audience as he performs his dazzling dance routines.

What a trooper! We fell completely in love with Max!
Feeling like a well loved classic and probably destined to become one, "Tiger in a Tutu" is just such a joyful and wonderful story beautifully told and illustrated by Fabi. Don your striped pyjamas, your pink tutu and your best ballet slippers and join Max in the dance of a lifetime!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Snorting with laughter at Daddy's rather dodgy "Fraynch" accents while reading this aloud.

Daddy's favourite bit: A gloriously joyful little book that's destined to become a well loved classic. Beautiful!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Orchard Books)

"Tiger in a Tutu"

Written and Illustrated by Fabi Santiago

Published by Orchard Books

Publication Date: 10th March 2016