Monday, April 4, 2016

Don't miss the last few days of the fab "Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things" exhibition at Discover - and also enjoy "Quick, Let's Get Out of Here!" by Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake (Puffin Books)

A delicious set of poetic odes to childhood, brilliantly written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Quentin Blake? Of course we're excited!!
We're going a bit Michael Rosen batty on the blog this month - mostly because a superb exhibition is coming to a close over at the Discover Children's Story Centre, celebrating the works of this slightly crackers poetic genius.

You can find out more about Michael Rosen's Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things over on the Discover Story Centre Website. 

We're also catching up with Michael's latest anthology of poetry, courtesy of Puffin Books. Working with the godfather of children's illustration Sir Quentin Blake, Michael has come up with a fabulous collection of poems that took me right back to being a grazed-kneed snotty-nosed marmite-sticky kid of the 1970s.

In "Quick, Let's Get Out of Here" you'll find tons of poems covering a diverse range of subjects dear (and not so dear) to children's hearts. School features heavily, as do annoying siblings and of course favourite pastimes and a good few poems about food.

Michael's style is fabulously subversive, and we absolutely ate this book up! Quentin's illustrations always seem to aptly demonstrate the essence of being a busy and inquisitive child (usually up to mischief) so we were won over.

You've got until the 10th of April to visit the exhibition before Discover Story Centre swaps everything around again (we'll bring you more on what's coming up very soon!) In the meantime, don't miss out on the book, it's completely brill!

Watch the Discover Story Centre Michael Rosen Exhibition trailer here

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