Wednesday 13 April 2016

How Hot is Lava (Good Question Series) by Kelly Smith (Sterling Publishing)

Budding geologists are going to love this fab book about the inner workings of our planet. "How Hot is Lava (And other questions about volcanoes") by Kelly Smith.
We've been lucky enough to visit some of the world's volcanic regions in our various travels but children always have tons and tons of questions about volcanoes and lava. Where does it come from? Why do volcanoes erupt and what happens when they start to cool down?

All these questions are answered and many many more in "How Hot is Lava?" - another brilliant entry in Sterling's fabulous "Good Question" series.

Taking us right back to prehistory with tons of information on how our earth was formed, then bringing us bang up to date with some of the world's still-active volcanoes, this is a truly fascinating book that's bound to completely engross your little ones.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Learning all about Mt Vesuvius and the terrible fate of the Roman city of Pompeii

Daddy's favourite bit: A fantastic fact-filled book full of stunning illustrations and photos.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Sterling Publishing)

"How Hot is Lava"

Written and illustrated by Kelly Smith

Published by Sterling Publishing

Publication Date: 7th April 2016