Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Joining in with a blog tour that will make your tummy rumble? Celebrate the launch of "Can I eat that?" by Joshua David Stein and Julia Rothman (Phaidon Publishing)

Feeling peckish? You know how it is when you've got the munchies but you just can't think of what to have. Thankfully we're here to help, ably assisted by Joshua David Stein and Julia Rothman whose new book "Can I eat that?" has just been released!
"Can I Eat that?" takes you on a whimsical and humour-filled tour of your fridge and kitchen cupboards, and out into the world beyond.

Some of your favourite foodstuffs find their way into this fabulous book, along with things you may not have been lucky enough to sample, and other things you really wouldn't want to end up with on your dinner plate.

The book plays with words and pictures, and is a delight to read out loud as you take a world tour and find out what people eat all over our fabulous planet.

No you can't eat a tornado but tonnato sounds YUMMY as do tostadas! Arriba!

We love the sense of humour in this book, sitting there reading with our tummies rumbling and wondering whether our local Waitrose would be up to the task of providing some of these glorious-looking dishes.

Playful language trips across each page, Bacon? Bacoff? 
Satisfy your hunger with a book filled to the brim with hilarious page spreads that you can't help reading out loud and giggling along with.

Chicken don't have fingers. Neither do fish but they do taste yummy! (UK version substitutes chicken for fish btw)

Perhaps the book will challenge the way your little ones think about food too. With an ever-increasing interest in where our food comes from and how its made, "Can I Eat that?" is also thought-provoking and fun and a great jumping off point for classroom activities where teachers and children can come up with their own food-based observations. We also loved the huge chart at the end, depicting various similar-sounding food and non-food items. I am sure there are people out there who would gladly eat a moose just as readily as we'd eat a mousse!

So what's your favourite food? Ours is...

Charlotte's: Pizza or Pasta

Daddy's: Sushi

Join the rest of the awesome posts on the "Can I Eat that?" blog tour! The book is out now, released on 28th March 2016 from Phaidon Books.

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