Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Super Stan by Matt Robertson (Orchard Books)

Make way for a rather special tiny tot, but is being a superhero all that great if your big brother thinks you're a stinkpot?
Poor Jack. It's not easy being a big brother, but it's even more difficult when your younger sibling is a superhero.

In "Super Stan" the titular superhero tot is a bit annoying. Hoovering up the limelight with a series of amazing feats of strength, speed and endurance, Super Stan constantly upstages Jack. Even on his birthday!

On a visit to the zoo, most people are content to just look at the animals and eat ice creams but not Super Stan, he wrestles with lions and plays catch with crocodiles. But when Super Stan's teddy is about to be mauled by a big grizzly bear, who will save it from those gaping slavering jaws?

Poor Lion looks less than impressed by Super Stan's antics!

A riotous and fun book about siblings, superheroes and beloved cuddly toys, very enjoyable stuff for teeny tiny would-be supermites!

A walk in the park, more chances for Stan to be a bit of a show off!
"Super Stan" by Matt Robertson, released on 7th April 2016 by Orchard Books.