Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"I Went to the Supermarket" by Paul Howard (Bloomsbury)

Like a crazy game of chinese whispers, a simple shopping list gets way out of hand in "I Went to the Supermarket" by Paul Howard...
A brother and sister embark on their favourite word game (which you can even play at home!). In "I Went to the Supermarket" each of the siblings comes up with their dream shopping list.

With every turn, they come up with more and more outlandish items until there's a rather messy (but hugely fun) end to their game.

Kids will love this book - not just because of the fantastic and colourful artwork and completely crazy 'shopping items' but because it's quite cool to read through the book once, then test yourself on which item you think is going to come up next!

A fab and original picture book, we loved the alien and the dragon best!

"I Went to the Supermarket" is out now from Bloomsbury Publishing.

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