Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Two awesome little pocket-sized colouring books for busy little bods, new from Phoenix Yard Books

We do love those super-complex colouring books that are all the rage at the moment...
But quite often they're a bit - how can we put it - clunky to go in an overnight bag when Charlotte toodles off to Grandma or Nanny's house.

So we loved these two new books from Phoenix Yard that take that colourful complex format and shrink it down to postcard sizes.

First up is "The One and Only Elephant Parade Postcard Colouring Book" which actually has a good cause at its heart, and contributes to elephant conservation with every sale.

Stunning designs stretching across various locations in the world are ready for your little ones to colour, so break out your pens and pencils and get busy!

There's also "The One and Only Mini Mandala Colouring Book" which features some cool geometric designs to get busy on and stick up around your room. Again, the small postcard format means these are great little designs to colour and share with your friends and family.

Both books are available now from Phoenix Yard Books.