Thursday 23 June 2016

50 Things You Should Know About Space by Raman Prinja (QED Books)

QED's "50 Things" books are a staple part of our non-fiction book collection...
So we're deliriously excited to find that there are more titles on the way. "50 Things you should know about Space" is out tomorrow and it's just our sort of book.

Like the other titles in the "50 Things" range, the book serves up a fantastic mix of facts, figures, illustrations, photos and infographics covering space from gazing up at the night sky and spotting constellations, through to space travel and exploration and then right out into the deepest inkiest depths of the galaxy and beyond.

As you'd expect from QED titles, the book is brilliant for class or home, serving up information in a nicely presented format and never dry nor dumbed down. It reminded us of the approach the latter Guinness Book of Records have taken, and had a similar effect on Charlotte as she became completely engrossed and absorbed by the book.

"50 Things you should know about The Tudors" is also coming out next month so watch out for our review which should be hitting the blog around launch date.

For the time being though, if you're looking for an attractive and well presented book that is full of fantastic space facts, take a look at this!

"50 Things you should know about Space" is published by QED, and will hit shelves on 24th June 2016