Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A couple of corkers from Maverick Books, meet George and Queen Fluff!

There are a couple of new corkers from Maverick Books ready to grace your bookshelves, both were released on 28th May so we're playing catch up and taking a look.

In "George and the New Craze" by Alice Hemming and Kimberley Scott, you can once again join in with George the Giraffe and his animal pals. This time George is wondering what all the fuss is about when all his friends seem to be completely obsessed with a new card game and at first George feels left out. But as soon as he joins in, he realises that playing with friends - even if you don't always win - can be a huge amount of fun!

A great little tale, nicely observed and full of glorious animal characters. "George and the New Craze" is out now.

There's also a rather prissy and posh madam to contend with in "Not Enough for Queen Fluff" by Rachel Lyon and Catalina Echeverri. Queen Fluff, a rather pompous bunny, has everything she could possibly wish for. The finest clothes, the most amazing palace, and of course the tenderest morsels of food that the world's best chefs can prepare. But Queen Fluff realises she is lonely and decides that she'll go and stay with some of the bunnies in her realm, but only if they can measure up to her exacting standards.

The bunnies are poor though, and they can't possibly meet her ridiculous demands - and they're not sure they even want her to stay with them anyway, so they hatch a cunning bunny plan to put a spoke in Queen Fluff's wheel once and for all! Will she ever see the error of her ways?

A fabulous rhyming tale with a moral lesson for us all! Rather brilliant, and with superb illustrations it's going to win over your demanding kids as soon as they flip the front cover.

"Not Enough for Queen Fluff" is also out now, both published by Maverick Publishing.