Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A fab set of observation books with tons of fun puzzles in the new "Spot the" range from QED Publishing

Sharp eyes are required! A new range of fantastic 'spotter' books has just been released by QED Publishing, with various fun themes and tons of amazing facts packed between the pages.

The "Spot the" range kicks off with "Spot the Mummy at the Museum" - A cheeky Mummy hides in every scene so it's up to you to find him as he enjoys all the exhibits and scenes spanning world history.

As well as the Mummy, you'll need to find a whole brace of other interesting objects and artifacts - all while enjoying the historical facts and figures that describe each period of history in more fun detail.

"Spot the Mummy at the Museum" is out now, written by Sarah Khan and illustrated by Joelle Driedemy.

We also took a look at "Spot the Bird at the Building Site", again a really fun book showing all the different stages of building everything from a library to a high-rise skyscraper. This time you're on the look-out for a cheeky pigeon who hides out in each scene, and once again there are loads of interesting facts about buildings and architecture to read. Did you know that the lifts in the Shard move so quickly that you can get to the top of the building in just over a minute! Stomach-churning stuff!

"Spot the Bird on the Building Site" also by Sarah and Joelle is also out now.

QED have more in the range so if you're on the look-out for a fun and challenging set of books to keep your little one occupied over the summer, take a look at the rest of the "Spot the" range as they're really brilliantly presented, full of colourful and fun illustrations and well worth closer investigation!

Find out more about QED's awesome range on the Quarto Knows website.