Thursday, 23 June 2016

Father's Day - Sport, Booze and Socks - a ReadItDaddy Editorial

I do love my wife and daughter, and the fact that they put up with a geek child-man whose idea of paradise is a blank sketchbook and a scribbly pen or pencil, a couple of decent sci-fi flicks and perhaps a smorgasbord of Sushi.

Wherefore art though Geek Dad in the imagined gift lists that most supermarkets and retail outlets were advertising a week ago though?

The Waitrose Magazine - that paragon of idyllic lifestyle-and-grub guidance that seems to exist on an entirely parallel plane inhabited only by beautiful people with perfect lives - suggested that Dad isn't that difficult to buy for. All dads love sport, all dads are relentless alcoholics, all dads love barbecues and all dads cannot get enough socks (it even said so on the front of the very magazine I took issue with). So that's OK then.

My fathers day presents were the best. My wife pre-emptively warned me that she wanted to book an 'event' and normally the very sound of anything like that would have me screaming and running towards the nearest tree. But in this case I'm willing to put up with a sushi-making course with Charlotte in tow watching (and scoffing) the things I make.

Charlotte produced the goods. The things I crave the most. A hug, a kiss, a hand-drawn card with a worryingly accurate portrait of me dressed in a Cthulhu T Shirt, wearing a pair of shorts covered in sewn-on badges, and with that vague / slightly daft smile I often wear. Oh and a lollystick coaster (if you don't know what a lollystick coaster is, I genuinely pity you. Every man should have one).

I'm well aware that I'm un-marketable-to, being a vegetarian teetotal non-sport-loving geek but I did giggle at the sheer lack of imagination Waitrose showed with their gift suggestion list. So what did you other dads get?