Monday, 20 June 2016

"Now I can Sew: 20 hand-sewn projects to make" by Sian Hamilton (GMC Publications)

Here's a little-known fact about us. We're sewing bees. Yes indeed, even me!
We love crafting and we love sewing. Charlotte's mum is the expert so we let her loose on Sian Hamilton's gorgeous new sewing book "Now I can sew" with 20 projects for varying levels of needle-meistery.

This luxuriously presented book is full of great ideas, and with the long summer holidays just around the corner, it might prove to be a godsend as there's plenty in this book to keep little ones busy with a needle and thread and a pair of (safe) scissors.

Starting off simply with some groovy little animal finger puppets (templates are provided for all of the 'makes' within the book), and moving on to more complex fare (the owl you can see on the front cover is absolutely gorgeous and even though you might need plenty of help from mum or dad) it's a really satisfying book with tons of awesome projects to make).

"Now I can Sew" by Sian Hamilton is out now from GMC Publishing.