Wednesday 22 June 2016

Petunia Paris's Parrot by Katie Haworth and Jo Williamson (Templar Publishing)

What do you buy the girl who has everything? Let's delve in and meet Petunia Paris!
In "Petunia Paris's Parrot" we meet a little girl with fabulously rich parents who, every birthday, bestow upon their darling daughter the most amazing gifts. A swimming pool? An entire city of toys? Her own bicycle with personal chauffer? Nothing is too expensive or too grandiose for Petunia but it does mean that every time her birthday rolls around, the poor girl is at a complete loss what to ask for next.

When mum's rather outrageous get-up inspires her, Petunia decides to ask for a parrot.

"The best money can buy!" blusters her father, and soon she takes delivery of a Peruvian Macaw.

Petunia knows that parrots are playful and talkative, but her new best friend only seems to want to say one thing.


It's not the nicest noise in the world is it!

Oh dear. Parrot ponchos don't go down too well with the poor feathered friend!
Petunia thinks that spoiling her parrot rotten might win him round, but despite the finest foods and the most amazing custom-made parrot clothes, the poor fellah just doesn't feel like talking.

Petunia throws a massive tantrum but it takes her wise butler to point out a better approach. Why not just politely ask the parrot what is wrong!

Without spoiling the end of the book, there are some rather lovely little life lessons tucked into the pages and a glorious big page-spread reveal right at the end that's full of gorgeous colour and joy.

Charlotte's best bit: Mum's terrible fashion sense!

Daddy's favourite bit: A nice little message at the end of a beautifully told and wonderfully illustrated tale.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

"Petunia Paris's Parrot"

Written by Katie Haworth

Illustrated by Jo Williamson

Published by Templar Publishing

Publication Date: 1st April 2016