Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Olympic Games Sticker Book by Susan Meredith and Galia Bernstein (Usborne Books)

Celebrate the spectacle and ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games with a fantastic new fact-filled Usborne book.

"The Olympic Games Sticker Book" is perfect for rainy days indoors with over 100 stickers to keep kids occupied while they learn about the history of the Olympics, and catch up with the modern events that have shaped the games as we know them today.

With fantastic insights into the sportsmen and women who will take part in the events from Athletics to Sailing, from Fencing to Diving, there's a ton of amazing and interesting information.

Of course, the stickers are the main draw for Charlotte. Usborne thoughtfully perforate their sticker pages so you can take them out to work your way through the book (so many sticker books seem to demand that you practically destroy the entire book just so that you can use it effectively - Not the case here).

As usual, a fantastically high quality activity book from Usborne. Out now.